You too can accept bitcoins from customers. BitKassa works on every smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

They offer the possibility to convert all bitcoin payments directly into euros (100%) but if you prefer to receive a share in bitcoins this is possible as well.

They pay out the same day; no transation costs or other. What you type in is what you get. With BitKassa you offer your customers an extra service and you take part in the greatest innovation since the coming of internet.

BitKassa BV came into existence from enthusiasm and passion. They fully support the principle behind Bitcoin and they believe this is the future. Using Bitcoin as a currency is only the beginning; much more will be possible in the future and they may not even be fully aware of this yet! They want to stimulate the Bitcoin economy and increase the acceptation. To be absolutely sure that your introduction and experience with Bitcoin is positive they developed BitKassa ourselves. Their company is based on the same values they find important: honesty, trustworthiness and transparency. Just like Bitcoin.

BitKassa brings Bitcoin into business.