BestExchangeRates has developed an application for users to compare exchange rates from multiple vendors in over 50 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, US, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Eurozone.

The company also provides tips for clients on how to get the best exchange rates whether for travel or business.

Who they Help

Currency Exchange Customers
BestExchangeRates’ price comparison algorithms and calculator can save their customers time and money since by finding which vendor is offering the best rate for cash exchange and money transfers in real-time.

Currency Exchange Vendors
BestExchangeRates provides a transparent retail currency market place for FX currency converters via the following services:
– Vendor Accounts lets you submit your rate margins and fees by currency pair and amount
– Web page rate spider – automatic rate import from your website
– Advertising – we provide a source of well qualified traffic for your Forex related site