Behavox is an enterprise compliance software company which provides holistic employee surveillance solutions. Their solutions allow Senior Management, Risk & Compliance Officers to detect cases of market abuse, insider threat, collusion and reckless behavior in real time.

They provide an effective and scalable solution that delivers compliance with regulations such as Dodd Frank, MAR, SMR & MIFID II. By linking internal communication (voice, email, chat etc) data with other internal data, their solutions allow users to discover, visualise and quantify relationships between people, organizations and content. In addition to this, the Behavox machine learning algorithms compare this data to a series of proprietary scenarios developed by their regulatory experts, which can also be configured to meet existing and future firm policies.

Through the combination of cutting-edge technology, thought leadership and industry collaboration, they have created a Risk and Compliance ecosystem which transforms the way that firms conduct surveillance and supervise risk within their business.