The global digital payments market is enormous and growing – but the payments ecosystem underpinning it is fragmented and unnecessarily complex. For B2B platforms, not-for-profits and retail merchants, new integrations and payments stacks are required for each payment service provider they engage. Technical, reconciliation, portability, resiliency, admin, finance and customer experience issues result, amplified across multiple geographies.

The erosion of focus and loss of profit has to be addressed.

PayDock offers the market a new approach and removes the headache of payment environment management in a single service unlocking trapped profit and reducing risk.

PayDock sells a cloud based payments ‘orchestration’ platform enabling digital merchants to reduce costs and immediately ‘take back ownership’ of their payments infrastructure. Offered via a simple, single service, benefits include a reduction in costs associated with complexity, compliance, vendor dependency and data loss. Revenue is increased through simple and easy introduction of new payment methods and third-party vendors. Greater data insight is provided. Money is saved.

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