LeadPoint DMS

LeadPoint DMS is a Legal and FinTech Practice.

At LeadPoint DMS they deliver innovative national mortgage and loan documentation services to Banks, Credit Unions, Mutual Banks and Non-Bank Lenders. Banking is now a digital business, however not all banking processes have been automated and digitised; the loan documentation and settlement process being one of them. These “back-end” processes have received little attention – until now!

LeadPoint’s new FinTech WebMortgages Service delivers loan contract and security “Doc Packs” to Lenders and their customers instantly, online, 24/7.

Compared to in-house or outsourced services, their WebMortgages service requires no doc prep teams, no instructions, no paper, no waiting; just a great Lender and customer experience every time!

Simply send them your data directly from your Loan Origination Platform and their Webmortgages Service will instantly process and return your “Doc Packs” for one low fixed fee per file, no matter how complex; and re-works are free!

It doesn’t matter if you are not yet ready for the complete digital experience. They also have services that accommodate your current processes, and they have the expertise and tools to assist Lenders to transition from analogue processes to their automated and digital solutions.

Make the best use of the data you collect, reduce stress, become more proactive, transform your “back-end” and please your customers!

WebMortgages + Your data = Loan Documents instantly 24/7