ID Exchange Pty. Ltd is the operating company of lead brand Australian Data Exchange.

In activating a leading commercial Australian Data Exchange we showcase a range of new enabling and cohesive platforms, products, API’s with services focused on delivering trusted data exchange.

B2B2B and B2C services feature Privacy Enhancing Technologies with Consent Management [including our own unified Opt Out and Opt In consent activation IP], for consumer centric data portability and end to end data exchange solutions whereas digital ethics and compliance sits at the core.

As a foundation member and resident at Sydney FinTech Incubator Stone & Chalk we also operate as an active industry stakeholder across policy and legislative reforms that will underpin digital transformation.

In partnership with (UK) we represent an advanced personal data sharing platform (which does not see, touch or hold data) allowing consumers to regain and self store their personal data and control “economy wide” consented data exchanges. provides a platform for secure, private and transparent personal data sharing plus an App ecosystem to ignite endless opportunities for consumer centric App development through direct to consumer data access.  See |

Privacy, Protection, Power. 

ID Exchange also holds global IP to innovate first mover Privacy Enhancing Technology.  As an intermediated enabler we can introduce unified Opt In® and Opt Out® tools to assist consumers to simply self manage identity based permissions aligned to Privacy legislation to automate the notification process.