Zetaris Corporation was formed by a team of leading data scientists, led by Vinay Samuel, who,  along with his team was involved in pioneering “event based analytics” and parallel database technologies in the mid-nineties and has gone on to lead disruptive data analytics companies such as Netezza, Greenplum, Vertica, Gridmatics and (now) Zetaris Corporation.

Zetaris’s Unified Analytics Framework is based on open-source technologies mixed with world leading data intelligence algorithms, specific capabilities and data models. Zetaris specialize in Digital Analytics, Hadoop Analytical Data Platforms, Pattern Recognition, Accumulo Data Analytics for fine grain data security, Business Intelligence (BI), Event Based interaction and Analytics practices and have developed new software products and conceptual frameworks for the data driven applications industry.

Zetaris has developed what it calls Business Value Applications (BVA) that can provide Big Data clients with a significant cost advantage and create enormous value from your current investments.
BVAs are pre-built components for achieving the following:

  • 1. Connecting to Twitter feeds
  • 2. Connecting to Facebook data
  • 3. Deep packet inspection of networks
  • 4. Mobile data analytics
  • 5. Social Banking and Digital Relationship Management
  • 6. Banking transaction analytics
  • 7. CDR pattern recognition
  • 8. And, many other forms of pattern recognition and “mash-ups” providing the ability to detect hidden meaning in data.