ZestMoney is India’s first virtual EMI, enabling credit…without the card or #cardlessemi.

The Zest platform enables instant account opening and real time credit approval, combined with seamless digital loan servicing and repayments technology.

ZestMoney as a fintech firm and startup is leveraging technology to provide products and services typically offered by bank and financial institutions that are more innovative and much cheaper. At the end of the day, ZestMoney will benefit the consumer who will get lower prices, more innovative products and better user experience.

ZestMoney customers are empowered to afford the things they need and spread the cost over up to 12 months. ZestMoney offers a seamless enrollment and real-time approval process, integrated with the e-commerce check-out.

ZestMoney partners with e-commerce companies, helping to convert more customers, increase average order size and reduce cash collection cycles.

Today in India, less than 10m people have or want a credit card and retail lending is reserved for the prime segment. ZestMoney can help power lending decisions based on alternative data sources, enabling lenders to reach a wider market, as well as make decisions quicker and without manual under-writing.

ZestMoney is an Indian technology company, and loans are issued by fully regulated lending institutions.