Wishberry leverages the power of rewards-based crowdfunding to help creative & tech entrepreneurs raise funds for their ideas in India. Their mission is to democratize fundraising in India to spur creativity and innovation in the country.

They focus on 9 areas that have limited access to risk-free funding in India – Arts, Design, Film, Music, Theatre, Publishing, Technology, Games and Apps.

People pitch their ideas on Wishberry to the public through social media, email marketing, and offline promotions. People who believe in these ideas can fund any amount and in return get exclusive rewards from the project owners, such as first copies of the idea itself. People fund to be a part of something innovative and not out of charity or financial return.

Key highlights:

1) So far, 600 ideas on Wishberry have crowdfunded over Rs. 3 Crores from a global community of 7,750 funders, which is 3x all Indian competitors put together

2) Wishberry has achieved a 67% funding success rate (1.5x international competition)

3) Their success has inspired trust amongst their community of funders, 7% of whom have funded more than once on Wishberry

Their tailored business model for India focuses on heavy curation, rigorous coaching and feedback to their clients on project presentation and marketing.

Crowdfunding on Wishberry also provides ideas with validation & online PR. Wishberry ideas have been recognized by Forbes, MTV, Universal Music, as well as industry veterans like Vishal Dadlani, Gul Panag, Shoba De, Mahesh Murthy and Rajan Anandan.