What is the Tyro Fintech Hub?

Australia’s first dedicated space for fintech companies – the Tyro Fintech Hub – opened in Feb 2015. They welcome any startups working to disrupt or innovate in finance, banking, or insurance. To support this, they are building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, programs, and partners dedicated to making this happen.

In the heart of Sydney’s financial district

Tyro has opened up an entire third floor of it’s new offices in the newly refurbished art deco building at 155 Clarence Street Sydney, just 250 meters from Martin Place, to the fintech startup community. The Hub offer space, skills and application programming interfaces (APIs) to other fintech startups and fast growth companies with real disruption potential.

Why Tyro?

When it comes to innovation, Tyro knows what it is talking about. To disrupt banking is a daunting, but an overdue, challenge. It takes an entire fintech startup ecosystem to open up the market to innovation and competition – but it also needs leadership.