TransUnion is more than just a credit reporting agency. They’re a sophisticated, global risk information provider striving to use Information for Good. Serving roughly 45,000 companies and more than 500 million customers in 33 countries globally, they’re committed to providing the most complete and multidimensional information available, to help their customers make the best possible choices.

It’s because TransUnion value their customers’ success as much as their own that they go beyond credit data to offer the insights businesses and consumers need to make informed decisions and achieve great things. By understanding their customers’ evolving needs and creating solutions that help them innovate and grow, they simultaneously create their own opportunities to reinvest and thrive, and then pass along that success.

TransUnion’s mission is to help people everywhere access the opportunities that lead to a higher quality of life. By helping organizations optimize their risk-based decisions and enabling consumers to understand and manage their personal information, they empower both to take their destinies into their own hands. They operate with the belief that information can help advance their industry, facilitate commerce and ultimately increase the standard of living for consumers around the world. These are lofty goals that they embrace wholeheartedly and are diligently committed to attaining.