Squawker® is the power behind the world’s only interactive, electronic negotiated trading platforms and facilitator of peer-to-peer, anonymous trading communities. Squawker provides high-touch, negotiation platforms for investment banks, agency brokers, inter-dealer brokers and proprietary trading firms to find liquidity, negotiate and execute trades that are difficult to execute on the order books or in dark pools.

Harnessing the benefits of personal interaction with end-to-end FIX workflows, compliance monitoring and audit trails, Squawker uses opaque social networking technology to create a forum for the structured negotiation of trades. On Squawker, traders build and execute trade size. With every trading decision made by human beings, Squawker’s cash equities negotiation venue is the world’s first toxic-free electronic trading venue.

Squawker Ltd is a UK-registered company. Head-quartered in London, Squawker® is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).