Shopgo develops and builds online shopping centres.

They create comprehensive, customised online shopping platforms for large companies, organisations, clubs, charities and associations. In fact, anyone with a big audience!

In addition Shopgo operates Australia’s largest savings and cashback site at Ranked in the top few hundred Australian websites and growing fast everybody can save money by shopping from major retailers and earning cashrewards!

Over the years they’ve built relationships with over 700 leading Australian and International retailers and perfected their technology, reporting and analytics. This means their clients can combine their choice of retailers into a single, streamlined shopping centre fully branded and customised to their requirements.

These days, adding value to your business offering is more crucial than ever. Shopgo can help you do just that – by giving you a whole new way of engaging and rewarding your customers, members, visitors, supporters and staff.

Just like any other shopping centre, Shopgo receives income from its stores, the only difference is they pass that income on to their clients and their customers, members, employees or supporters.

Imagine a virtual shopping centre designed just for your business!