The Scotcoin Project will:

  • Distribute Scotcoin to the people of Scotland.
  • Inform Scotland’s people about their new digital currency.
  • Educate the public, businesses and agencies about Scotcoin, crypto-currency and blockchain technologies.
  • Ensure Scotcoin is widely accepted in all areas of commerce and society in Scotland.
  • Incentivise and stimulate local trading initiatives.
  • Keep wealth locally and grow the Scottish economy.
  • Provide technical support for users and merchants.
  • Lead marketing initiatives for businesses who accept Scotcoin.
  • Build a network of businesses who will trade amongst themselves in Scotcoin.
  • Encourage and support local business startups.
  • Advocate for social enterprise and environmental causes.
  • Support local social, feeding, housing and caring initiatives.
  • Lead and encourage debate on building a stronger, cohesive and more equitable economy in Scotland.
  • Champion personal privacy and strong encryption.

The Scotcoin Project will achieve these objectives through educational and promotional initiatives throughout Scotland and beyond.

Everyone attending a presentation by the Scotcoin Project will be shown how to get started with Scotcoin and have their share of Scotcoin deposited.

The Scotcoin project is a not for profit organisation. We raise funds through sponsorship, merchandise sales and donations.