Rislin are based in Sydney Australia. They design, develop and supply Customer Service and Business Communication Applications. Rislin also provides professional services like custom software application development and technical documentation services.

Rislin was originally started in 2004 for R&D and started commercial operation after changing as a proprietary limited company (Pty Ltd ) in Australia in 2009. From 2009, they have been providing top quality products and services to businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Often people ask what does “Rislin” mean. In fact the word Rislin, which is a registered trademark stands for “Research and Innovation Solves Local and International Needs (RISLIN)”.

Rislin applications has been in use in several large and mid sized companies. Some of their customer service applications are specially designed for Contact Centers.

They don’t have outside investors and they pay their bills and fund product development and R&D with the revenue from their services and product sales. They give every customer and business partners, big or small top quality service and support.. they call it customer experience ++