At Rewardle, they are passionate about local business – they believe that local merchants and the people that support them enrich our community, and that an engaged community can be more powerful than the biggest companies. They provide a loyalty and customer metrics platform that allows local business to engage more effectively with their customers.

Rewardle is a Digital Customer Engagement platform for local SME merchants.

Rewardle utilises mobile computing, cloud based software and Big Data analysis to provide local SME merchants with Digital Customer Engagement tools and business intelligence similar to those that are used by large retail brands.

Rewardle has given the traditional “buy 9, get 1 free” paper punch card a digital makeover and extended its utility by adding prepayment, mobile ordering and social media integrations.

Rewardle’s membership, points and rewards system is the basis for the company’s growing suite of Digital Customer Engagement tools that are designed to assist local SME merchants to effectively use e-mail, social media and mobile marketing to engage more closely with customers and grow their business.