Pygg – /pig/ [Noun] A type of orange clay, once widely used for making pottery in the form of jars, cookware, and other household items due to its economical characteristics.

A piggy bank was originally a “pygg jar.” Later, the word “pygg” became less common, and its sound was reinterpreted as “pig”; only then did piggy banks actually begin to be made in the shape of a pig.

Pygg has been designed to take the pain out of paying your school or group cash. If you can’t get to school, don’t have the right amount of change or are frustrated by the frequent request for small payments Pygg is for you.

Pygg (pronounced ‘pig’) is Australia’s leading mobile wallet.

Pygg is a simple cashless payment system for any school, group and individual. Their payment platform uses a float system to ensure all transactions are free – Pygg charges a small fee for topping up an account other than that there are no fees or charges.

Requesting or making payments is simple and our integrated emails alerts ensure you never are late with a payment.

Pygg’s Over The Top (OTT) payments platform solves many of the problems with card and payment schemes. Zero cost transactions, immediate transfers, nimbleness in integration and community baked in.