Investment advice made simple.

For self-directed and SMSF investors, Owners Advisory is a powerful online service that provides professional grade guidance to investors of all levels, with access to knowledge and expertise that will help to you to make smarter investment decisions.

Winner of the 2016 Fintech Award for best innovation in Robo advice,  Owners Advisory provides expert opinion and investment recommendations, producing a fully compliant personalised Statement of Advice (SoA) that  replicates traditional human advice, but in an on-line environment.  Owner Advisory is first robo advice platform to advise on more than 30,000 local and international investment choices.

DIY and SMSF investors love Owners Advisory:

They love the fee-for-service approach.

They love that OA does not require customers to liquidate their investments and move them into a recommended portfolio that they don’t control.

They love the personalised SoA that provides buy/sell recommendations down to individual stock or fund level.

They love the active engagement that puts them at the centre of investment decision-making, grows their knowledge, improves their financial literacy and builds wealth.

They love and trust the rigour of the advice – fully compliant and audited, consistent, dispassionate and personalised.


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