Othera is an online credit tool that provides businesses and lenders with a faster, simpler and more successful strategy for achieving finance approval. Even businesses who have been rejected for finance multiple times have received loan approval using Othera.

How does it work?

1. Businesses use their simple, risk-free calculators to estimate their borrowing capacity and receive a pre-finance report telling them their likelihood of loan approval.
2. Othera matches creditworthy businesses with lenders who are more likely to approve the loan on the most attractive terms.
3. Lenders who are matched to businesses use the pre-finance report to pre-qualify applications and make faster lending decisions.

How does Othera help speed up and increase the likelihood of business loan approval?

The Othera credit calculator is unlike other credit calculators as it uses a business’s own accounting data and provides fast, personalised results.
In less than 5 minutes, their proprietary credit calculator performs bank-style, financial calculations on a business’s current financial data. The resulting credit report then helps businesses more accurately predict their likelihood of approval.
Businesses also save time, effort and angst with Othera’s lender-connect service. Their industry experience allows us to quickly match businesses to the right lenders who are most likely to say YES. This removes the need for endless research and ‘loan shopping’ that can jeopardise a business’s official credit rating.

Othera is not a lender or a broker.

After they match a business with a lender, Othera step back and let the formal loan application process begin. There is no middle man and no one else holding up the application process. It’s a straight line of communication between a business and a lender.

Automated credit decisioning tool for lenders

Othera also provides an automated credit decisioning solution for lenders who are looking to pre-qualify loan applications. This can be tailored to a lender’s credit underwriting standards and integrated into their online application process.