OpenInvest is the future of investing – a future that is straightforward, personalized, and empowering.

OpenInvest was founded by a unique set of friends: technology leaders from the world’s largest hedge fund (Bridgewater), one of whom went on to co-found a consumer tech unicorn (Deliveroo), and a sustainable finance leader from the world’s largest environmental NGO (WWF).

They came together to solve a problem: Why can’t normal people access impact investing and incorporate their values into their finances?

They all want to make the world a little better. Yet as it stands, most of them are funding companies such as major polluters, climate change deniers, weapons manufacturers, and private prisons, to name a few. They could be funding responsible companies and industries and typically be better off financially.

Unfortunately, sustainable investing is traditionally complicated, reserved for the ultra-rich, and carries high fees.

They’ve changed that.

All you have to do is tell them what you care about (learn more about the issues) and answer a few questions on your finances. In under 5 minutes they’ll set up the long-term investment portfolio optimized for you, your finances, and your future.

Unlike other advisers, they are not a salesman that puts you into funds. OpenInvest are mission-driven experts who use advanced technology to directly build and manage your portfolio (learn more about their approach to portfolio construction). Here are some of their unique advantages:

  1. 100% tailored to your personal values
  2. You don’t need to sacrifice returns
  3. Low fees and low minimums
  4. Tax-loss harvesting
  5. See your impacts right on your financial dashboard
  6. Make changes ANY time. E.g. Divest-invest instantly from companies in response to real-world events and share. Their technology ensures you always remain diversified and tracking the market.

OpenInvest want to make the world a little better. Who knew it could make you money?!