OCTET is a web based Business to Business trading platform that connects ‘Buyer and Seller’ through a closed community network. OCTET provides your company with an unsecured line of credit and gives you the ability to reduce your Working Capital through extended interest free days. Whether you opt for an Octet credit facility, your corporate credit card or your existing bank facility, Octet’s agile payment platform complies with your business requirements/needs.

Their clients take advantage of:

  • Accelerated Cash Flow
  • Interest free line of credit up to 60 days with the option to extend to 120 days
  • Avoid paying the typical 3-4% foreign currency conversion fee
  • A real-time exchange rate at the time of transaction or the utilization of existing forward contracts
  • Reward Points when you purchase with a credit card depending on card provider
  • Aquire Points (1 Point for every $3^) on eligible Octet transactions directly through the Octet