MoneyTap are India’s first App-based credit line. Offered in partnership with leading banks, they are not just a personal loan, not just a credit card, but your personal credit line. Zero collateral. No guarantors needed.

Have you ever felt a cash crunch? Ever asked a friend Rs.3000 till the next pay-cheque? Needed Rs.10,000 for a trip or Rs.50,000 for college fees? Did you have to ask money from a relative? Isn’t it embarrassing, when you’re doing well in your career?

Think of them as a flexible loan for your personal use, where the control is in your hands. You decide the amount you want to use.

No USAGE no INTEREST! They have also made taking credit more affordable. You only pay interest only on the amount used. With the balance available to the customer at no cost, forever! They take pride in being completely transparent and do not keep any charges hidden.

Download their app, give them a few details and they will tell your eligibility within minutes. No unpleasant visits to banks. No annoying calls to get money. No need to carry pile of documents. No hidden charges.

All the formalities are done on the app, at your home or office.

Did they tell you that you also get a MoneyTap credit card when you are approved by the bank? There you know it now. Use it like any other credit card to shop online or offline and get reward points. Convert your spends to EMIs of your choosing, right from the app.

Flexible. On Tap. Transparent. Money as you like it!