Milaap are a mission driven company changing the way people fund and impact communities in need. Every day, Milaap connects hundreds of hardworking borrowers looking to start a small business, pay for education, install better facilities in their households, and more – with people around the world willing to lend and rally their friends and family with as little as $25.

They like to see themselves as a technology startup building a platform to enable everyday individuals to do good in an effective, transparent and accountable way.

On Milaap

1) You can browse the needs of the people, and have the power to choose the person whom you want to fund (give a loan).

2) 100% of your money goes to the beneficiary as a loan. (Yes! they even absorb the payment gateway fees)

3) You can track the monthly repayments as your borrower repays the loan to you and 100% of the money comes back to you!