miiCard Identity Proofing and Verification Services enable high-value transactions purely online for the first time in consumer finance for payments and lending. Accepting miiCard identities, verified to the same level as a physical photo ID check, removes fraud, reduces risk and increases new customer conversion instantly.

By leveraging the security and authority in an individual’s financial accounts miiCard* establishes proof of identity online and in minutes to remove the need for physical document checks. Verifying everything from name and address through to live transaction banking data, miiCard provides all the information needed to make instant, informed selling decisions and meet AML and KYC compliance in a single, easy to implement solution.

As a single, trusted digital ID founded on the principles of Bring Your Own Identity, miiCard is convenient and flexible providing members complete control over their online identity and personal information, protected by strong authentication.

With coverage across five continents and over 350 million people, miiCard is creating trust online across a range of industries including finance, commerce, trading, gaming, healthcare, recruitment, dating, social and professional networking.