Magilla Loans is an online lending exchange that connects borrowers to banks without requesting any personal information, except an email address. The service is easy & free, and Magilla is committed to keeping the process anonymous by never requesting private information. No social security number, credit check, or bank statements are required. After answering a handful of questions, a borrower can receive multiple loan proposals from FDIC-insured banks within a few hours. The loan proposals are presented on their patented MagChart™ — which enables a borrower to easily compare them.

Key features include:

Fast: Loan proposals are typically delivered within a few hours

Anonymous: No name, social security number, or phone number required

Free: Borrowers never pay any fees

Safe: No credit check or bank statements required

Simple: After answering a handful of questions, borrowers receive multiple loan proposals

Authentic: Receive real loan proposals from FDIC-insured lenders, not automated lenders

Time-savings: The quick loan submission process saves time