MA Operator

MA Operator is a new managed account technology and service for Independent Advisers providing direct beneficially held portfolio’s of assets to clients; for Advisers providing advice on managed discretionary accounts (MDA); and for existing managed account and MDA Operators looking to optimize their efficiency and scalability

MA Operator adds value to Advisers, and those providing managed account services complimenting their current operational and system architecture and client servicing culture. They don’t ask you to align to a vertically integrated service or data source model. They have partners to provide clients with an end to end service, and are able to integrate with the licensee’s chosen broker, Bank/CMA or administrator of choice where electronic data connectivity is available. Using their proprietary software they are able to offer three distinct offerings:

1) MA Operator as MDA Operator (

2) As provider to a mda operator

3) MA Operator as SoA Service