Lendsnap delivers the modern mortgage experience that tomorrow’s consumers will demand. Their specializations in systems engineering and efficient design, high-security computing and mortgage operations all come together in Lendsnap. Their mission is to improve consumer finance through intelligent fintech design. Lendsnap is making financial services more accessible and transparent to the consumer while helping lenders reduce operational and compliance costs and increase originations productivity without staffing up.

The great financial crisis and subsequent increased regulation pushed mortgage companies into survival mode, leaving them further down the technology curve. Innovative lenders are just beginning to automate compliance, combat fraud, and help their borrowers by accessing the online ecosystem of financial information. Lendsnap links borrower financial accounts and employment data to provide lenders same-day qualifying documents and reduce borrower effort during their largest and most stressful financial transactions. Lendsnap delivers an ever improving borrower experience with bank level security, that leverages mortgage lenders’ existing technology base.