LendEx are a new kind of online financial services business that has created a highly efficient peer-to-peer / marketplace lending platform that will soon connect investor’s directly with creditworthy Australian small business owners and consumers looking to borrow.

For way too long loans have been priced on a one size fits all basis regardless of the borrower’s own individual creditworthiness.

At LendEx they believe that they’ve developed a better (smarter) way to use technology to provide greater transparency to investors and borrowers. They also believe in “people power” and the idea that lots of everyday people joined together can make a huge difference. That each of us does better when we do better together. And they’re betting that tens of thousands of everyday Australians want to be part of an online community that provides fairer access to credit at lower interest rates. All delivered via a secure, next generation, fully compliant online peer-to-peer lending marketplace that passes on the cost savings from cutting out the middleman (e.g. the bank) directly to their investor (lender) and borrower community. Resulting in higher rates for investors and lower rates for borrowers.

Of course profits are important. But LendEx think the hopes and dreams of millions of hard working Australians’ are so much more important. That’s why they’re absolutely determined to make more credit available to small businesses and consumers on fairer terms.

So get more from life with LendEx by becoming a member of their online community. A community that is about to open the door to greater transparency and fairer pricing for all. Together they can build a movement that is all about people helping other people, and in so doing, making a real difference in the local community they chose to live and work in.