JD Finance is the financial technology arm of JD.com. It was established in 2013 to give individuals and businesses quick, easy and convenient access to the financial services they need. Leveraging JD.com ’s proprietary data resources, ecommerce expertise and industry-leading risk control systems, JD Finance offers sophisticated financial solutions in areas including financing loans, asset management, payment solutions and crowdfunding. With the JD Zhongchuang ecosystem, a holistic financial and market acceleration ecosystem, JD Finance connects early-stage enterprises with the financing and business development services they need to grow.

JD Finance has established seven major business lines: supply chain finance, consumer finance, crowdfunding, asset management, payment solutions, insurance and securities. It has built up China’s leading financial technology ecosystem for enterprises and consumers and launched a range of innovative products, including Jingbaobei, Baitiao, JD Wallet, JD Finance APP, Xiaojinku, JD Microcredit and Xiaobailicai.

Based on its core principle of creating long-term social value combined with its corporate values, including dedication, simplicity, perfection, synergy, innovation and user experience, JD Finance has extended robust risk control capabilities and established a user-friendly customer account set up and maintenance system. By connecting financial institutions, including banks, securities firms, insurance providers, as well as JD Zhongchuang, JD Finance is building a connected platform that integrates resources, reduces business costs and improves the efficiency of the industry as a whole.