Invapay making the Impossible – Possible

Since time was invented Buyer and Supplier relationships have ebbed and flowed with Payment being a significant event and causing the greatest strain.

Buyers historically like to delay payment and suppliers prefer to be paid early and this mismatch of ideals is the cause of much frustration and leads to a less than perfect harmony.

Traditionally, Buyers have been seeking solace from their Banks, in the hope that they will solve all cash flow problems and provide the Buyer with extended DPO and the Supplier with shortened DSO (factoring; supply chain finance)– only to be frustrated by the lack of supplier acceptance.

So what does Invapay do to help solve this seemingly intractable problem? Invapay’s role is to provide 100% supplier acceptance for its payment program, assisting the Buyer to maximize working capital benefits and for the Bank to fully utilise its credit lines (including cards) to maximise yield – therefore everybody wins.

Invapay’s Global Supplier Acceptance Platform has a proven track record of frictionless integration and delivering maximum benefits to all stake holders