Intuit Australia has a passionate team of more than 70 people located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, with headquarters in the heart of Sydney.

Intuit’s awesome Aussie team is responsible for managing small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers, marketing, product and customer care functions. What’s more, they continue to grow to help serve their expanding customer base.

Intuit products, including their flagship offering in Australia, QuickBooks Online, are built for small and startup businesses, a world they know well, being a startup ourselves. In fact, they’re known globally as a 30 year old startup.

Many of their staff have owned small businesses (or do still), and it gives them a stake in learning as much from you as they want to offer in return.

Instead of just lip service about customer focus, the Aussie team joins you on the front lines and shares the challenges and breakthroughs of startup and small business culture.

This lets them take what they learn into the business to apply it where it matters – the products – and makes Intuit’s culture of innovation and experimentation unparalleled in the sector.

It also means they’re constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the breakneck demands you face every day.