H2 Ventures

Founded by Ben and Toby Heap, H2 Ventures is an early stage investor, bringing together talented entrepreneurs, investors, forward thinking established financial services companies and other thought leaders in the world of technology enabled disruption.

H2 Ventures bring together entrepreneurs and other investors who understand the potential of early stage fintech, providing ‘smart money’ equity capital as well as knowledge and mentoring to support quality entrepreneurial partners who will not only drive their businesses with passion but take responsibility for their successes.

They believe in a culture of empowerment, of possibility and experimentation, of learning from failure as they seek long-term outcomes, of focused action and honest critique, of collaboration and trust, and of organisational agility.

By fostering an ecosystem of startups, financial institutions, founders, engineers, executives, regulators, legislators, academics and thought-leaders, they strive to be a major contributor to disruption, predominately in financial services as they support Australia’s emergence as a global fintech leader.