Business Planning:

With their business planning, you will have a comprehensive and profession business plan that can be presented during pitch meetings, funding rounds and goal clarity. Fintoro are equipped to help deliver business plans from Start up businesses to mature business looking for the next opportunity. They take the time to get to know you and your business/idea and will assist you through this process to produce a sophisticated business plan.

Performance Management:

Fintoro has extensive experience in performance management. They can assist with forecasting and planning and provide guidance on milestone tracking. They can help you track performance to industry standings and help you set targets that achieve the objectives of the business and business owners. There are varying levels of support and they can easily assist on an ongoing basis by provide weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. They can also introduce growth specialists.

Financial Advisory:

With a suite of financial consultancy option ranging from cash flow burn charts to turnaround management, they can provide you a solution to your needs. If your are starting your venture they can assist with pricing and structuring your business to operate optimally and efficiently. Services for Start ups include formation balance sheets, cash flow projections, burn charts and introduction to market leading growth experts that can dramatically shorten the life cycle from idealisation to execution.