FinSuite was founded in July 2010. With over 10 years experience in the Finance Industry, the company’s vision was to increase software innovation within the Finance Industry.


FinSuite launched its first application, the Corporate Family Tree. The CFT application went on to be used by major Banks and Accounting Firms across Australia and Asia.


The CFT application came runner-up in Microsoft’s Product Partner Awards for Software Development of the Year.

FinSuite repositions the CFT application to become the Corporate Group Tree (CGt) and expands the product line to include the CGt+ and the CGb.


FinSuite launches the TFN Remover, the first product in its suite focused on simplifying compliance. The TFN Remover optimises OCR technology, coupling it with FinSuite’s own parsing engine, to locate and remove Tax File Numbers from within documents.


FinSuite is granted an Australian Patent titled Corporate Schematic Device.

FinSuite launches BizAnalyser, a fully automated financial spreading application using a patent pending parsing engine, to read, recreate and categorise business fianncial statements.


FinSuite integrates it’s BizAnalyser application with Moody’s RiskAnalyst to provide banks with financial spreading automation without the need to replace legacy software.

FinSuite is one of 8 startups selected out of a pool of over 100 to take part in the Fintech Innovation Lab APAC.

FinSuite continues to develop innovative applications for the Finance Industry. Stay tuned for more products in the future.