FinancialAsk aims not only to make financial advice accessible and affordable, it democratises the financial advice process.

Consumers are finally empowered with the ability to make an informed choice. Not only can the customers view the background of financial advisers in detail, anyone can test the value of financial advice upfront before making a commitment. In addition, it’s a fantastic free resource for financial advice content online, where only trustworthy answers are provided by curated and qualified experts.

For advisers it’s finally a business model which separates product from advice. Financial advisers are now able to give completely unconflicted advice which consumers can just pay for upfront, and not have to worry about being remunerated through the take up of recommended products. Further to this, it’s a great place to post answers to questions which will help boost an adviser’s online presence.

Officially supported by the University of Melbourne, FinancialAsk is an innovative business run by a passionate team who believe in disrupting the financial advice industry.