Invoice Finance For Faster Cash-flow.

Every day, all over Australia, small business owners are desperate to get more cash into their bank account. They have bills, staff and suppliers to pay. The frustration is that they have made sales but are waiting for their own accounts to be paid.

In short, they have the asset but they don’t have the cash.

At Fifo Capital they can make cash available to business by buying one or more of their invoices to a value to match their immediate cash demands. The process is simple, quick and does not require any approval from your banker. In fact existing clients can have working capital within 24 hours.

Fifo Capital is a franchised operation and is not connected with a financial institution. Funding comes from a combination of private investors and our franchised network.

Fifo Capital has fast become one of Australia’s leading alternative funding solution for SME’s. This is a result of providing our customers with one of the fastest and most flexible funding solution on the market.

Supporting this, Fifo Capital recently won a placing in the prestigious Smart50 Awards – 25th place overall.