FF is a consumer data analytics platform that merges happiness and behavioural economics to drive mass adoption of savvy consumer spending paths. Seeing the myopia around retrospective data of users behavior, they strive to form positive paths to negate procrastination and hyperbolic discounting, among other fallacies, to focus users on meeting their long term spending goals that truly matter in their lives.

FF behavioural analytics platform helps global retail financial institutions enrich and gamify transactional data they report back to customers, so that they could prioritise their spending around areas of their lives that truly matter in the long term.

Involving over 60 (and counting) peer-reviewed papers and monographs on behavioural and happiness economics, neural networks and psychology, biases etc., FF uses the data to communicate a proactive spending path for each individual user through their white-label app, API as well as chat interfaces.

They help users to plan for the routine transactions, nudge towards long-term purchases vs in-the-moment whims and gamify spending so that one gets a better and human feedback on his spending.