Eko is India’s leading fintech company and a growing network of customers and agents for payment and money transfer services. Its technology enables customers to conduct payments on any mobile phone without the need to install a single software or app.

Founded by brothers Abhishek Sinha and Abhinav Sinha in 2007, Eko has built the world’s most usable and universal patented 2-factor authentication solution. Eko provides its customers payment services, along with merchant transactions, bill payment, and cash collection services. Eko is headquartered in Gurgaon and currently has more than 12 million customers and 5,000 agents for merchant transactions.

In 2010, Eko was chosen amongst the ‘NASSCOM EMERGE 50 – The League of Ten for 2010’ list by NASSCOM, the Indian chamber of commerce, for “50 Emerging companies which are redefining the benchmark of excellence for the next generation of SMEs.” Eko also accompanied Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first India-US Startup Konnect in the Silicon Valley in 2015.