Edstart provides a simple financing solution for education fees.

Edstart believe education is the world’s most powerful investment

Edstart offer purpose-built loans for borrowers who wish to pay for education fees over a more manageable timeframe. Their education loans are funded by investors who want to deliver social benefits as well as earn a competitive financial return.

Easy & Convenient

Edstart is an alternative payment option available at each of their partner educational institutions. Borrowers simply select Edstart as their payment method, fill out an online application and Edstart will take care of the rest.

A Better Price

Edstart uses risk-based pricing to determine the interest rate applicable to each education loan. This means good quality borrowers are rewarded with a lower interest rate than you might expect from a traditional lender.

Open & Transparent

Edstart are a new kind of financier with a focus on purpose over profit. No hidden fees, no unexpected charges. No penalties for early repayment. Just good, honest finance without the complexities.

They are currently in pre-launch phase and expect to release their pilot program to the market during 2016.