A safer, better way of doing business

DragonBill help people keep promises. They make sure small business get paid on time and customers get what they paid for. DragonBill removes the stress and uncertainty that surrounds payment, leaving everyone safe, in control and most importantly – Happy!

DragonBill love small business

Small Business is the engine of the Australian economy, making up 96% of all businesses and employing 46% of our workforce. But they are doing it tough, making every dollar count.

Late payment and non-payment is a major stress for Small Business and Sole Traders. Late payment affects your cash flow and wastes up to a week a year. It also eats away at your downtime, causing you stress when you should be relaxing. If you don’t get invoice payment on time, your small business could be out of business.

DragonBill love customers

Customers aren’t the bad guy. We’re all customers and we know what it is like to wait for a job to be finished. Using DragonBill, you will be treated like a loyal customer.

No more waiting. No more excuses. Less stress. No more paying when you are not happy. They incentivise businesses to deliver what they said they would. You’ll get treated like a loyal customer.