Data Republic was co-founded by Danny Gilligan and Paul McCarney after observing an increasing focus on personalisation in the Board rooms of several of Australia’s leading companies. Paul and Danny realised that organisations need to move towards personalisation to compete and to do so will need to get to know more about their customers than what their own data can show. The emerging approach of multi-lateral data exchange enables organisations to connect customer behaviour across different activities, providing exponential gains to their customer view and improving their understanding of what products and services would most benefit an individual customer at the right time. However, with the increased appetite for insights, there has been a decrease in best practice for data governance and growing risks associated with dataset exchanges. They want to re-establish the principles of trust and privacy to enable secure and respectful data exchange.

At Data Republic, they’ve created a Trust Platform for secure data exchange. As companies strive to personalise services for customers, the demand for greater, more accurate customer insights is expanding rapidly. To understand the 99% of a customer’s time that isn’t spent with them, companies are increasingly looking to exchange data. However, it is hard and costly to set up the legal agreements and technical platform to share data in a way that is respectful of people’s privacy whilst ensuring data security.

Driven by a team with more years experience in data analytics and building companies than they’d like to admit – their mission is to be the most secure and well-governed platform for exchanging data.