Launched in 2011, Contego is the only comprehensive risk scoring platform that can handle complex multi-source fraud detection and compliance checks at high speed. They enable their clients to manage the complexity of onboarding and monitoring customers, checking both people, companies and ID documents simultaneously. All delivered in real-time via a single API, with a full audit trail.

For the past five years, Contego’s team of fraud and technology experts has been supporting the Banking, FinTech, Retail, Pre-employment and Property sectors. Contego helps clients reduce the risk of fraud and makes compliance checks and processes, such as AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer), as frictionless as possible.

As fraud attempts are growing at an alarming rate, it has never been more important to know your customer before entering into any transactions or agreements with them. Many industries are becoming newly exposed to the threat of fraud. According to estimates from the Office of National Statistics. (ONS) “more than five million incidents of fraud were reported in England and Wales in 2015”.

Increase in fraud risk brings with it an increase in regulation and compliance needs. Businesses really need to ensure that they offer a rigorous and continuous approach to compliance whilst streamlining their customer onboarding processes. Contego simplifies and improves the customer onboarding process by taking the pain out of the regulatory background checks that need to be conducted.

If you need an effective due diligence platform that delivers a comprehensive and holistic view of both people and companies, so you can instantly make crucial, data-driven decisions about how and with whom you do business with, Contego is your answer.