Cognia helps organizations address some of their most pressing compliance, service-assurance and productivity challenges.

Used by businesses in sectors such as finance, energy, healthcare and retail, Cognia’s global communications-intelligence platform transforms the cost and ease of capturing, storing and analyzing mobile, fixed-line and digital interactions.

Using the Cognia Platform, organizations small and multinational alike, comply with industry regulations, protect brand equity and empower staff—replacing the high capital and support costs, and complex rollouts of on-premise systems with flexible, pay-as-you-use services aligned to business needs.

Built on a global cloud infrastructure and supported by multiple network operators, the Cognia Platform provides resource-intensive analytics and storage processes on demand, simplifying communications compliance and monitoring across mobile and distributed workforces. Its open application framework frees users to leverage existing systems investments or embrace best-of-breed technologies, maximizing the value buried within their business interactions.