CapitalPitch believe that Startup Capital raising shouldn’t be so F’ing HARD! It’s MADNESS that 97.3% of Startups fail at fundraising. Founders shouldn’t have to feel confused and frustrated when they try to raise capital and investors shouldn’t have to waste time and money finding great Startups.

CapitalPitch believe every great startup, no matter their location or circumstances, should be able to raise the capital they need to accelerate (and massively scale) the solution to a big problem that could change the world. It’s time to disrupt a complex, opaque and dysfunctional finance sector that allows great Startups to struggle and fail.

Today, like many revolutions before them, they’re using technology and experts to create a movement to fast-track startup investing. They’re helping hundreds of startups accelerate their equity capital raising and thousands of investors find awesome Startup businesses.

Welcome to CapitalPitch, the world’s first capital raising accelerator!