C88 connect banks and insurers to millions of consumers every day.

Everyday, their financial institution partners receive thousands of high-quality applications from real, eligible customers. Find out how C88 and its market-leading brands help partners connect with more consumers.

Financial education and transparency

Consumers value transparency and choice.

Where do consumers in fast-growing markets go to make informed financial decisions? Find out how C88 and its market-leading brands help increase financial transparency and financial literacy.


Customer Retention

How do you continue to engage your customer and keep the dialogue fresh and relevant?

Their market-leading CRM and intelligent remarketing solutions allow banks and insurers to market to time-critical customers who are already considering a purchase decision.


Online-Offline Services

There’s more to it than simply being online.

Many structural obstacles impede “pure” online solutions in Southeast Asia. That’s why C88 and its market-leading brands deploy unique online-offline integrated solutions, including tele-centers, agency sales networks and last-mile processing.


Big Data & Analytics

Swim, don’t sink, in the sea of data and analytical noise.

As Southeast Asia’s leading customer portals for finance and insurance, C88 and its market-leading brands sift through mountains of data everyday to help consumers and institutions connect with each other.