BitX is digital currency for everyone, everywhere.

Their vision is to make money frictionless and universally accessible. They are doing this by building an open, intelligent and global financial platform, using Bitcoin as their core infrastructure.

They own and operate a core infrastructure that allows consumers or businesses to safely store Bitcoin or seamlessly convert between local currencies and Bitcoin, as well as all the necessary KYC/AML processes around that. The following products operate on top of this platform:

BitX Smart Wallet: Their flagship wallet that makes it safe and easy for consumers to buy, sell, send and spend Bitcoin directly, or move other currencies using Bitcoin as rails. Includes the ability to buy prepaid airtime or generate virtual credit card numbers to help drive broader adoption. The wallet’s intelligent design sets a foundation for creating personalised, contextual and predictive financial experiences. The BitX Smart Wallet is the bank of the future.

BitX Exchange: Low latency Bitcoin trading platform with multiple currency and country support.

BitX for Business: APIs that allow businesses and developers to access their core infrastructure. These include merchants and PSPs, remittance companies and many others.