BankVault stops bank account hacking. It is a simple device that protects your most valuable asset – everything in your bank account.

BankVault is a new approach to cyber security. The patent pending technology addresses the biggest weakness in online security – the endpoint device, your PC. When the device you use for online transactions is compromised the hackers have access to everything that is you: your passwords, your accounts, your identity. It’s then quite straight forward to defeat the SMS text from your bank or the banking security Fob. The setup is done days or weeks in advance but the sting happens in seconds. And if it is your business bank account there is probably a lot of money at stake which is critical to your cash flow. It can be crippling while the bank investigation is carried out.

BankVault stops endpoint hacking. It ensures your banking transactions are invisible and out-of-reach to cyber hackers. Everything you do online is secure, anonymous and untraceable.

* The pain experienced by those who get hacked is excruciating.

* BankVault costs less than a coffee/day and is preventative insurance for your business that mitigates this risk.

* It was spun out of a $multi-million super-computing project and provides complete immunity through a simple technical principal – “You can’t hack something which doesn’t exist”.