Banjo is an online lender providing secured and unsecured loans to small business.

Their customers are the 51% of small business owners who have no lending product other than a credit card. We provide them with an alternative source of capital to balance cash flow and enable future growth.

Banjo understand that dynamic, innovative businesses often move faster than traditional valuations. So when considering an application for a loan we look at more than just assets or collateral. They also consider business activity and multiple sources of industry data to obtain a more holistic view of a businesses’ position. As a result, they can approve more loans.

Banjo know the needs of a small business can change from one day to the next. So once approved, our customers have access to an ongoing loan facility and can withdraw additional funds without reapplying.

They see ourselves as partners with our customers. So we never charge early exit fees if a loan is paid off early.

Their loan process has been designed to be as easy as possible, with online applications and a simple fee structure. Loans can be approved in hours and funds deposited within 72 hours.

Banjo recognise that business is much more than just numbers. At the heart of every business is passion, ideas, self-belief and a vision of the future. Their goal is to help you achieve yours.