Analysing and implementing regulations should be easy. Instead it’s confusing, costly and time consuming.
It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Not just for your business but also for your customers, because with these
you can spend less time. Well, this is where BANCALIS can help you.

Take advantage of their automated analysis of legal texts on your enterprise. Based on a cognitive, self-learning system, legal requirements are schematically analysed for their impacts and implementation.
This enables you to assess as quickly as possible, which business processes and products are affected by new regulatory requirements.

BANCALIS’ Software Solution:

Get to know a unique software and experience the benefits of a technology which allows you to
recognize as soon as possible the direct impact of regulations on your organization.
How does this work? Very simple:

Representation of your company

Thanks to a flexible and individualized approach, the representation of your organization is so comfortable and resource-poor as with no other solution. Quickly and at no extra cost your process organization will be digitized.

Automated analysis of regulations

You want to analyze a law text or an internal policy paper regarding the implications to your organization? No problem. You only have to upload the document which has to be analyzed and their system analysis the impact automatically.

Direct gap analyses

You like to know which processes need to be adjusted or which requirements are already implemented or have to be changed after the impact assessment. Here, too, they can help you. See a direct comparison between the status quo and the legal requirement and accelerate your implementation process.

Integrated learning system

The ever-changing regulatory environment cause that ever larger numbers of new requirements confront your organization. Make use of that amount of requirements. With each new analysis, the system gets to know your company better and increases the detailed quality again.

It has never been easier, less costly and time-saving for enterprises to analyze exogenous and endogenous requirements on their process organization and implement them.