AtlasTrend is a fintech service that provides a new approach to smart and hassle-free global investing. Through their service, any user can easily invest (from $1,000 or $100 on a regular savings plan) in a number of thriving world trends such as the growth of online shopping or the rise of big data. The service empowers users to invest globally through easy access to unique investment transparency via a brand new & fair fee model.

Specifically, AtlasTrend provides the following benefits to their users for a low monthly subscription fee:

  • Access AtlasTrend’s proprietary investment intellectual property including full disclosure on AtlasTrend managed fund investments which includes Australia’s best performing global technology fund (Source: Morningstar, 6 months to 30 June 2016). Users can use this information to guide their own investments or invest through AtlasTrend.
  • Invest online (no more paper forms!) in any of AtlasTrend’s managed funds without paying a base management fee.
  • Easy mobile-friendly online access to individual performance tracking for all your AtlasTrend investments.
  • Direct online connection to the fund manager investing your money.

Currently, AtlasTrend offers the following 4 world trend managed funds for investment which all invest in 8 to 12 international listed companies benefiting from the core theme of that fund:

  • Online Shopping Fund: Companies that benefit from the huge growth of online shopping globally e.g. Amazon
  • Big Data Big Fund: Companies that benefit from the amazing power of big data e.g. IBM
  • Healthy Lifestyle Fund: Companies that benefit from the fast growing trend towards healthier lifestyles e.g. Nike
  • Splurging Baby Boomers Fund: Companies that benefit from the immense spending power of baby boomers e.g. Daimler (who make Mercedes cars).